Expert systems engineers will help your team foster the skills you need through customized live web based or in-person classes. See what Innoslate can do for your team with one of our opportunities below.

Customized Online Training

Live, web-based classes, designed to be anywhere you are. These
classes are created based on your team's needs.

Introduction to Innoslate

You've just signed up for Innoslate. This class is your next step to mastering model-based systems engineering. You will be given an experienced trainer that will assist you with migrating your data over to Innoslate. Your trainer will go through your project to get you started and consult you on your project.

Advanced MBSE with Innoslate

You know how to use Innoslate well, you understand MBSE concepts, now it's time for more advanced systems engineering techniques. Your trainer will be an experienced systems engineering consultant with an ESEP certification. These classes are customized to you and your team's needs. A consultation call will be made to discuss the topics and concepts you want to go over.

Customized In-Person Training

Your personalized trainer comes to you.

Prefer to meet with your trainer face-to-face? This is the perfect class for you then. Your trainer will come to your facility and provide a training course that is customized for your team's needs. All our trainers are expert systems engineers with consulting experience.

Innoslate Documentation

Read the software documentation for the complete user's guide.

The Innoslate documentation covers everything you need to know about Innoslate from A-Z. Learn Innoslate concepts, how to create projects, customize dashboards and views, create diagrams, collaborate with a team, and more. Master the discrete event simulator by going through the practice problem. Develop your skills and knowledge in Innoslate and model-based systems engineering.

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