Model-Based Systems Engineering Tools

MBSE Tools

Standards-compliant, intuitive
functional and physical modeling

Use Innoslate to model both the behavioral and physical aspects of a system. The clean interface, simple relationships, and modern looking diagram visualizations make managing model entities easier than ever. Currently, there are over 9 different diagrams to visualize behavioral models including: executable Action, Sequence, N-squared, and IDEF0. Physical models have 8 different diagrams including: Asset, Class, Use Case, and Organization Chart. All of the diagrams are drag droppable, allowing for quick model design and construction. The diagrams conform to the LML, SysML, or the IDEF0 standard.

Verify model correctness through
simulation and model maturity checks

Innoslate includes both a discrete event simulator and fully scalable Monte Carlo simulator to execute system models and verify model correctness. These simulators can calculate system's time, cost, resource levels, and produce easy to read graphical outputs (including Gantt charts, cost curves, resource usage, etc.). The model maturity checker evaluates your model according to best-practice heuristics developed by research at Naval Postgraduate School and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Automatically generate requirements
directly from the systems model

Generate a requirements specification in requirements view with one-click right from your model. These generated requirements can be baselined and edited directly within Innoslate's requirements view. As your model changes you can re-run requirements generator at any time to capture changes to your requirements specification.

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