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Convert SOP Documents into Process Models through Artificial Intelligence

SOP to diagram

Simulating standard operating procedures allows you to reduce procedural risk and cost of failure while increasing awareness of constraints.

More Reliable SOPs in 4 Steps

Step 2. Model

When you import your SOP, Sopatra handles the modeling for you. You can add attributes to each procedural step, add or delete steps, create a decomposition of steps, and more.

Step 4: Analyze

To check variance, run your model in the Monte-Carlo Simulator. Receive valuable analytics on Procedure Buffer Time (PBT), Allowable Operating Time Window, and Probability of Failure to Complete.

Step 1: Import

Import your Standard Operating Procedures and related materials into the Text to Diagram automation via NLP technology. You can use guides to help you format the SOP for a better import process.

Step 3: Verify

Run your model in a Discrete Event Simulator. This ensures your process works and provides you with analytics such as Time of Performance, Gantt Chart, and Tree Map.

Simulated Human Performance Metrics

Allowable Operational Time Window 

AOTW is the time before something bad happens.

Time of Procedure

TOP is the time it takes to perform a procedure.

Procedure Buffer Time (PBT)


Designed for Standard Operating Procedures

Develops Predictive Human Response Analysis

  • Implementation of SOP best practices from research
  • NLP technology to determine See & Hear; Long Term Memory
  • Specialized import analyzer for SOPs and other files
  • Detailed guidance on how to develop and enhance SOPs
  • Unique algorithm to ensure your SOPs work on time
  • Simulated Human Performance Metrics


Sopatra can be used as a single platform solution or with Innoslate.

Develop safer, more efficient procedures in any industry.


This book describes how to build models of SOPs using model-based systems engineering. Learn how to evaluate the SOPs using heuristics and simulation. Start designing better standard operating procedures today.

The author, Dr. Lance Sherry, is the Director of the Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University.

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