The purpose of sharespace is to enable you to provide the results of document analysis, models, and other databases to other Innoslate users. For example, if you analyze a key NASA policy document and then want to make that accessible to other users, you can export that information and submit it to the site. SPEC Innovations will check over the file to make sure no malware is part of the file and then make it available to any users through the sharespace. As we build this library, the cost and time saving should be apparent. SPEC Innovations will be contributing whatever we can to this sharespace. We will encourage other contractors and Government agencies to do the same to make better use of taxpayer dollars.

CJCS Instruction 6721.02: Global Command and Control System-Joint (GCCS-J) Training Management
DoD Directive 5000.02: Defense Acquisition System
DoD Directive 5000.59: DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management
DoD Directive 5144.1: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration/ DoD Chief Information Officer
DoD Directive 8100.02: Global Information Grid (GIG)
DoD Instruction 4630.8: Procedures for Interoperability and Supportability of Information Technology & National Security Systems
DoD Instruction 2000.12: DoD Antiterrorism (AT) Program
DoD Directive 3020.40: DoD Policy and Responsibilities for Critical Infrastructure
DoDM 3020.45-V1: Defense Critical Infrastructure Program: DoD Mission-Based Critical Asset Identification Process
DoD Joint Capability Areas (JCA 2010 Refinement approved 8 April 2011)
Operations and Support Example
CONOPS Template
AV-1 Template
DoDAF Product List

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