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10 Tips and Tricks in Innoslate

Collaborate on the Cloud Innoslate’s Cloud takes collaboration to the next level allowing team members to work on the same documents, diagrams, or charts in the same project at the same time. Import/ Export with MS Office Innoslate’s Import Analyzer reduces manual entity creation by reading .DOCX, .INNO, .XML, and .CSV files and automatically generating […]

What Is a Behavior Model?

By Steven Dam In systems engineering, many practitioners never create a behavior model. They work with requirements, develop plans, perform risk analyses, etc. When modeling, many professionals focus only on the physical models: block diagrams, interface diagrams, etc. Even when they are doing “functional analysis,” we frequently see hierarchy diagrams of the functions, but no […]

Producing Requirements Through Systems Thinking

By Mallory Jones Systems engineering is not just writing requirements or conducting a requirements analysis. Systems engineering processes take stakeholder needs and create products or systems to support those needs. Requirements are one step in this lifecycle development; they are not the sole process that drives the project from A to B. When producing requirements […]

Plant Systems Design Systems, An MBSE Approach Case Study

This case study uses Innoslate to take a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) Plant Systems Design System. “Generally, ASME standards are not system-based. Ralph Hill took the lead in developing the first systems-based standard for plant systems design. Mr. Hill has been volunteering at ASME for 45 years. […]

Innoslate® on AWS

SPEC Innovations uses AWS as its primary cloud provider. The Innoslate Cloud account ( uses the open AWS cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service). We are also on the AWS Marketplace for the open cloud. In this environment, users can sign up directly from the main Innoslate® website ( and receive a link via email […]

Is There a Return on Investment from Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)?

This question is one that many people ask. In fact, the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) has that as one of its tasks for their Value Proposition Initiative. A group of systems engineers is trying to find evidence to prove that MBSE has value. However, that becomes very difficult for a concept that has […]


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