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Forgotten Elements of Systems Engineering – Change Management

By Taylor Duffy The final element in our three-part series of “Forgotten Elements of Systems Engineering” focuses on Change Management. Change Management is the practice of documenting changes in systems from the concept and reason for the change, all the way through to the deployment and results of the change. This important element is often […]

Forgotten Elements of Systems Engineering – Ignoring “Ilities”

A common problem in model-based systems engineering is that we often forget to include the impact of reliability, maintainability, availability, and other “ilities.” If reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) are not adequately designed into the system, there is a risk that the program will breach acquisition thresholds with significantly higher development or acquisition costs due […]

Cybersecurity in Innoslate

By Steven Dam and Josh Rickwald Innoslate® provides a very secure platform for capturing, analyzing, and reporting your systems engineering and program management information. We work tirelessly to provide the most secure environment possible in the world of cloud computing. We chose the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms (both the regular AWS cloud and […]

Plant Systems Design Systems, An MBSE Approach Case Study

This case study uses Innoslate to take a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) Plant Systems Design System. “Generally, ASME standards are not system-based. Ralph Hill took the lead in developing the first systems-based standard for plant systems design. Mr. Hill has been volunteering at ASME for 45 years. […]

Innoslate® on AWS

SPEC Innovations uses AWS as its primary cloud provider. The Innoslate Cloud account ( uses the open AWS cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service). We are also on the AWS Marketplace for the open cloud. In this environment, users can sign up directly from the main Innoslate® website ( and receive a link via email […]

Is There a Return on Investment from Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)?

This question is one that many people ask. In fact, the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) has that as one of its tasks for their Value Proposition Initiative. A group of systems engineers is trying to find evidence to prove that MBSE has value. However, that becomes very difficult for a concept that has […]


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