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Leave Spreadsheets Behind

The problem with legacy tools like spreadsheets is the lack of traceability and collaboration. Requirements are often managed in teams, but it’s time-consuming and inefficient when you cannot work simultaneously. Moreover, spreadsheets make data management difficult. Data is difficult to track and analyze, which increases time to market and risk.

Say Hello to the Future of Requirements
What makes Innoslate different from other RM tools:

  • Complete solution with end-to-end traceability
  • Fine grained permissions
  • Requirements documents generated from the model
  • Collaboration
  • Quality checker
  • Automatically generated reports and diagrams
  • Version control
  • Control complex documentation

Develop Requirements Documents

Edit and Review Requirements Easily with Requirements View

  • Automatic numbering
  • Hierarchical relationships
  • Filtering
  • Collapsible sections
  • Inline entity editing
  • Gap indication
  • Rich text formatting

Capture Requirements with Import Analyzer Fast

Easily make the switch over to Innoslate with our Import Analyzer. With support for Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, IBM® Rational® DOORS®, and more. Innoslate makes migrating your data easier than ever before. Import Analyzer utilizes smart algorithms to identify and automatically create hierarchical relationships between classes. Gone are the days of manually adding these relationships yourself.

Analyze Requirements

Automatically Generate Diagrams and Reports

Once captured, all requirements can be easily traced directly to functional and physical elements of a system model, source documents, test plans, and other requirements. These relationships are automatically generated in Hierarchy Charts, Tree Diagrams, and Traceability Spider Diagrams. You can edit these diagrams live in any view and create new requirements directly in these diagrams.

Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP)

Traceability and Suspect Assist

‘Traceability Assist’ will automatically identify likely relationships using pre-trained machine learning models. ‘Suspect Assist’ will automatically identify related entities which have few similarities and low confidence of correctness.

Quality Checker

Ensure the quality of your requirements by obtaining a quality score automatically using Innoslate’s Quality Check feature. The NLP algorithms automatically check each of your requirements for quality, clarity, completeness, and more. A quality score is determined with suggestions.

Manage Your Project’s Changes with Version Control and Baselines

Baseline your requirements document by visualizing what has changed since the last baseline and viewing previous baselined versions of a document. With baselining and Innoslate’s version control system, every change, update, or modification to a requirement is recorded. Innoslate users can follow requirements with automatic notifications of requirement changes via email and view requirements changes in the project dashboard.

Get Started with Innoslate

Reduce risk and improve time to market with an intelligent requirements management and analysis solution for even the most complex processes.