the full product lifecycle management tool

The full product lifecycle management tool

Model and validate your programs
using a Model-Based PM tool

Manage your program portfolio
using a collaborative tool

Integrated Business Processes

Innoslate provides a simple, easy to use modeling language, LML, to capture business processes. The LML Action Diagram can be executed to derive resource, cost, asset utilization, and total time. Results can be viewed as a Gantt chart.

Process Model Validation

Innoslate includes a Monte Carlo simulator to explore the schedule and cost risks due to the variation of timing, costs, and resources. With one-click these results can be exported to Microsoft Project for further analysis.

Risk Analysis and Management

Innoslate centrally captures all risks, decisions, geo-locations, and other program management data. Programmatic data can be visualized with risk matrices, traceability matrices, spider diagrams, and hierarchy charts.

Configuration Management

Change control is provided through the baselining of documents, branching/forking of projects, and entity-level history for each database object. All changes to entity attributes, relationships, and labels are fully revertible.

Program Planning

Innoslate provides a means to develop a program plan that can be linked to the diagrams and other information within the database, thus keeping all your information and documents together in one place.

Document Management

Capture your files and documents as Artifacts in Innoslate and relate them to other information in the database. Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF (text), and Microsoft Excel (csv) files can be parsed as entities with our import analyzer.

Deploy Anywhere

Innoslate can securely be accessed from anywhere in the world. Innoslate's on premise solution, Innoslate Enterprise, can be installed at your facility. Innoslate is available on NIPRNet, SIPRNet, and Amazon AWS.

Enterprise Scale

Scales to millions of entities in lightning speed. Innoslate is hosted on a secure, high-performance cloud. Innoslate Enterprise has been tested to scale to over 10 million entities and 500 simultaneous users.

Customizable Reports

Innoslate includes dozens of built-in reports including Project Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, and DoDAF reports. Use the Innoslate SDK or Jaspersoft Studio to customize a report to your exact specifications.

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