Innoslate 3.9

Move requirements around
with the new Move button

A new Move button in Documents/Requirements View facilitates easily moving document entities and their children to a new location within that document's hierarchy. In addition, Documents/Requirements View is now much faster making large documents approaching 2,000 entities more usable and has improved auto-suggested numbering and sorting with better support for alphabetically ordered lists.
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Import Word documents with
original numbering

Import Analyzer's DOCX tab now has the ability to retain original document numbering from Microsoft Word (.docx) files. Original numbering is retained whenever possible when Import Analyzer encounters numbering information while parsing styles (Heading 1 through Heading 9), automatic numbered lists or automatic numbered multilevel lists.

Even more interoperability with
UML/SysML tools

Innoslate Enterprise now includes a XMI import to capture diagrams from Sparx Enterprise Architect. This import covers the most diagrams yet with the ability to migrate Activity, Class, Block Definition, Internal Block, Package, Requirement, Sequence, State Machine, and Use Case Diagrams from Sparx Enterprise Architect into Innoslate.
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