Innoslate 3.8

Manage your test cases
with the new Test Center

Test Center is a purpose-built user interface for test case management. Test Center allows for easy test case capture and traceability to requirements, and provides the ability to run test cases within one easy to use view. Innoslate now includes new reports for Verification and Validation; including the Requirements Traceability Verification Matrix (RTVM), Test Verification Matrix (TVM), Test Cases Report, and Verification Cross Reference Matrix (VCRM).
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View CAD files in 3D with single-click
physical hierarchy chart generation

Entity View now includes native support for viewing 3D Wavefront (.obj) and Stereolithography (.stl). Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files within Innoslate. These standard file formats can be easily exported from most third-party CAD tools. Innoslate can also read the .obj file format and produce hierarchy charts of assets with the Create Assets button. Just create an Artifact in Database View and upload a (.obj) or (.stl) file to get started.
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Automatically check the quality
of your requirements documents

Innoslate 3.8 includes an enhanced version of our Quality Check feature which now supports 75% of the applicable checks. The technology uses updated machine learning models that runs checks to determine if a requirement is clear, complete, consistent, design, traceable, and verifiable. The new algorithm is also significantly faster than the prior versions of the technology.
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Assess the quality of your entire model
with the new Intelligence View

As an Innoslate project grows in size and complexity, so does ensuring model quality. In the software domain, many tools exist to maintain quality: compilers, static code analysis tools, and even automatic graders. Innoslate now includes Intelligence View which analyzes the model to assess traceability, model construction, naming conventions, and more.
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Interoperate quickly from other
UML/SysML and database tools

Innoslate Enterprise now includes an XMI import to capture diagrams from IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) and No Magic MagicDraw. Project data in Innoslate Enterprise can now be exported to Microsoft Access for data analytics. Innoslate Enterprise 3.8 also includes a .inno full Zip export of all data, files, and images than can be re-imported between Innoslate servers.
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