Innoslate 3.7

New Features

Connect to 700+ Apps

With Zapier integration, easily connect to over 700+ other applications to automate workflows for your project.

Diagrams within Documents

Insert auto-updating diagrams into an entity's description providing a rich reporting capability within Documents View.

Export to Microsoft Project

Export the result of a Discrete Event Simulation or Monte Carlo Simulation to Microsoft Project with one click.

Advanced CSV Import

Import complex relational structures from other tools and databases with the Advanced CSV Import.


Programmatically listen for the creation of entities, updates, deletions, comments, and schema changes.

API Keys

Authenticate Innoslate with API Keys allowing for external applications to connect to Innoslate securely.


Gantt Chart Updates

Visualize the connections between actions and their predecessors with an enhanced Gantt Chart.

Rich Text Updates

Communicate in style, with enhancements to the rich text editor and Microsoft Word reports.

General improvements

Innoslate includes stability improvements including up to 3x faster project imports and smarter navigation.

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