Innoslate 3.6

Across Diagrams

Unlimited undo/redo

Model complex diagrams with confidence. Innoslate now supports undo/redo of all changes until the diagram is closed.

Line movement flexibility

Control lines in most diagrams such as the Asset, IBD, State Machine, and Use Case with new intelligent line routing.

Rapid decomposition

Rapidly abstract actions with the new 'Decompose' and 'Flatten' buttons in the Action and Activity diagrams.

Layer Diagram

Visualize multiple levels of physical decomposition and linking Conduits with the new Layer Diagram.

Auto number

Swiftly auto number large hierarchies in the Action Diagram, Activity Diagram, Hierarchy Chart, and Tree Diagram.

Snap Guidelines

Align entities and shapes easily with new snapping guidelines available in most diagrams.

Across All Views

Standardized "Open" button

Navigate easily to diagrams, matrices, and other views in the new standardized 'Open' button available across Innoslate.

Navigate to documents quickly

Route to requirements and lifecycle documents quickly from all Innoslate views with the 'Open' button.

General improvements

Over 75 performance and stability improvements have been implemented across all Innoslate user interfaces.

Entity View

Enhanced version history

View entity versions in the new history modal with new diffing support for descriptions, attributes, and relationships.

Full screen image

Access the full screen image originally uploaded to Innoslate with the full screen button in entity view.

Easy remove image

Easily remove images uploaded with the new image remove button in entity view.

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