Innoslate 3.4

Visually manage diagrams
with the new diagrams view

This totally new view is now available via the top navigation bar of Innoslate. Diagrams View displays a tile for every diagram existing in your project's database with a thumbnail taken when the diagram was last saved. This view allows users the ability to create, delete, filter, search, sort and view the Innoslate diagrams themselves.
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Combine physical and functional models
with a new consolidated visualization

The new Physical Input/Output Diagram brings together the functional Input/Outputs with the physical Assets. The diagram includes advanced technology to verify consistency across the physical and functional models. The Asset Diagram has been upgraded to display external Assets that are outside the decomposition hierarchy.
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Establish and maintain consistency
with model configuration management

Innoslate now includes the ability to baseline, branch, and copy (fork) entire projects in addition to requirements documents. Changes to projects can easily be compared in 3D and through a change table. Changes in made in branch projects can quickly be pushed to the trunk projects. Trunk projects, conversely, can also push changes to branch projects.
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