New Innoslate Feature: Group Apply Duration Entities in Innoslate

There’s a brand new update in Innoslate Cloud 4.4. With it you have a lot of enhancements and even a new feature. You can now group apply duration to entities.

Check out the video below to learn how.

Three easy steps.

1. Select the Actions

Drag and release your cursor over the actions you want to select.

Action diagram selection

2. Click the “timer” icon

Once you have selected the actions you want to apply a group duration too, click on the “timer” icon in the diagram menu bar.

mass apply duration

3. Enter the duration amount.

A popup box should appear. Enter the duration amount into the text field. You can also use distributions. Then click “Apply” to apply this duration and distribution to all the selection actions.

Want to try this new feature out?

To try out the new feature, sign in at or sign up at Then create an action diagram by going to Diagrams in the Menu bar. Click “New Diagram” and select “Action Diagram.” Add a number and name for your action diagram, then click “Next” and then “Finish.” Then follow the instructions from the beginning.  

Learn more about all the enhancements and issue resolutions in this latest update at