SPEC Innovations is dedicated to advancing the systems engineering community. We designed Innoslate in mind to improve academic research and help professors expand model-based systems engineering to a new generation of students.

Why Choose Innoslate for Academia

Innoslate takes a modern and user-intuitive approach to model-based systems engineering. This makes Innoslate a great introduction to MBSE for students – in classroom and research settings.
Innoslate is the ideal systems engineering software tool to use in the classroom.

  • Full lifecycle solution
  • Innoslate Acadmeic is free
  • Students can get started immediately; no download required
  • Live collaboration makes it easy for students to work in teams
  • Reviewer features give professors a way to comment and review student’s work individually

Used in Universities Worldwide

Innoslate is used by hundreds of major universities including MIT, Air Force Academy, Naval Postgraduate School, Georgia Tech, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, University of the Philippines, University of Texas at Austin. Loyola Marymount University, Purdue University, Old Dominion University, ECPI, Georgetown University, West Pointand TH Brandenburg.

How to Access Innoslate Academic

Step 1

Confirm your Innoslate account.

Step 3


Sign up with a .edu email address.

Step 2

Hey Professors!

Create an Organization for Your Classroom

Creating an organization just for your classroom allows for you to have admin access over all your students, review your students’ work, and leave comments. This will also let you control who is in your organization. If you would like to create your own organization, complete the form below:

Does your university need Innoslate on a private server? Contact us to discuss how we can help you with installing Innoslate Enterprise at your university.