Collaborate with your team, develop requirements, and create system models for all your projects on your secure network.

Scale to millions of
entities on your servers

Integrate with your
existing enterprise


Innoslate Enterprise is available on unclassified (U/FOUO) and classified (SECRET) level government networks through the NSERC.


Scale millions of entities at lightning speed. Innoslate has been tested to scale to 10 million entities and 500 simultaneous users.

Reliable security

Enterprise offers scalability and collaboration beyond the cloud and behind your firewall, with the heightened security of your own server.

Access control

Integrate with your corporate authentication systems. Innoslate Enterprise supports Active Directory, LDAP, and native authentication.

Simultaneous collaboration

Communicate with your team or client. Share, comment, chat, or update your projects across your team within Innoslate.

Easy administration

Organize admin users with access to all projects through the administration panel. Complete installer for Windows operating systems is available.

Unparalleled speed

Starts within seconds on modern server hardware. The high performance and close proximity of Innoslate Enterprise remove latencies.

Standard server

The server, Tomcat, implements the latest enterprise JAVA standards with full JAVA EE8 support. Tomcat runs on Windows.

Standard database

Innoslate Enterprise supports Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL for maximum flexibility.

Unleash the Power of Innoslate

Learn more about how Innoslate can transform your
systems engineering workflow

We designed Innoslate Enterprise to meet the demands of our customers in the aerospace, defense, and commercial businesses that require complete control of their data. Innoslate Enterprise provides all the scalability and collaboration benefits of Innoslate Professional, but with even higher security. Innoslate continues to provide quick time to market, reduced risk and cost, and an intuitive interface that users understand and love.
Steven H. Dam
Ph.D, Founder

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