Innoslate 4.5 Schema Changes Schema Update

Innoslate will automatically undergo a schema update upon the first person entering an organization. This will upgrade Innoslate schema from the original 4.0 to the new 4.5 implementation. This upgrade should take only a few seconds to perform before the user will be able to access the organization. Should there be a conflict with the update, the updater is designed to rename conflicting schema entities in a project with the original name and then append the project id. If you do not wish to have this happen in your project, we recommend changing the name of the schema entities ahead of time so the conflict will not occur. In the event of failure, the updater will display a message saying, “Fail to upgrade schema to 4.5”, followed by the reason. If this occurs, please reach out to Innoslate support for the appropriate steps to resolve the issue.

Innoslate Support: or call 571.485.7800

The new schema changes are listed below:

New Class: 

Name: Task

Description: A Task entity specifies an Action that must be completed for a particular project. It served as a “To-Do” for the Project.

Parent Class: Action



Attribute Name: Due Date


Attribute Name: Estimated Date of Completion


Attribute Name: Finish


Attribute Name: Assignee


Attribute Name: Status


Choices: “Open”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, “Closed”

New Class: 

Name: Dependency

Description: A Dependency entity specifies a connection between two Tasks in a Gantt Chart. It defines the relationship a Task depends on another Task in order to Start or Finish”

Parent: Connection


Updates: Input/Output

Attribute Name: Type

Type: TEXT

Attribute Name: Value

Type: TEXT


New Relationships: 

Relationship Name: tracks

Description: Tracks identifies the Time entities that are Kanban Columns in a Task’s Kanban Board.

Relationship Inverse Name: tracked by

Description: Tracked by identities the Task entity’s Kanban Board that the Time entity is a Kanban Column within.


Relationship Name: schedules

Description: Schedules identifies Task entities that are planned to take place within a particular Time entity’s Kanban Column.

Relationship Inverse Name: scheduled by

Description: Scheduled by identifies the Time entity’s Kanban Column that a Task is planned to take place within.


Relationship Update: depends on / has dependent 

New Relationship Attributes: 

Relationship Attributes Name: Origin

Description: No indicates arrow connecting to task. Yes indicates no arrow connecting to task.


Relationship Attributes Name: Dependency


Choices: “Start”, “Finish”


Target Relations:

Task tracks Time

Task scheduled by Time

Task depends on dependency


Time tracked by Task

Time schedules Task


Dependency has dependent Task

New Labels:

Name: Risk Burn-Down:

Class: Risk


Name:  XY Plot: Asset

Class: Asset


Name:  Gantt Chart

Class: Task


Name:  Kanban Board

Class: Task


Name:  Kanban Column

Class: Time


Name: Calendar

Class: Time


Name:  Global

Class: Input/Output


Name:  Local

Class: Input/Output


Name:  Public:

Class: Input/Output


Name:  Low

Class: Task


Name:  Medium

Class: Task


Name:  High

Class: Task


Please reach out to support if you need any assistance.

Innoslate Support: or call 571.485.7800