User’s Guide

Innoslate is an enterprise-ready, highly-scalable web application developed in-house by SPEC Innovations at our facility in Northern Virginia. No matter how large or distributed your team may be, Innoslate gives you the flexibility to choose the option that’s right for you with access via the public cloud or deployed on-site behind your own firewall.

Innoslate was born out of an internal business need for SPEC Innovations to continue to provide industry leading systems engineering services to a wide variety of government and commercial customers.

Innoslate is model-based systems engineering (MBSE) software with integrated solutions for the full systems development life cycle (SDLC), requirements management, requirements analysis, developing DoDAF 2.02 compliant architectures, real-time collaboration, and simulation.

This manual doc contains information on Innoslate concepts and how to use Innoslate.