Table Widget

The ‘Table’ widget displays the entities of your project in a table, based on a custom search query entered when the widget is created. Each row of the table represents an entity, with each cell providing a text representation of that entity’s attributes, allowing you to closely monitor entities that are of particular interest to you.

Adding a ‘Table’ Widget

  1. From your Project Dashboard, click the ‘+ Add Widget’ button.
  2. The ‘Add a Widget’ box will appear. Select ‘Table’ as your ‘Type.’
  3. Give your widget a ‘Title’ or you may leave it as “Entity Table,” by default.
  4. Select which entity attribute you wish to be displayed in the first column. By default, ‘Number’ is selected.
  5. Select additional entity attributes to be displayed as additional columns in your table.
  6. You MUST provide a ‘Custom query’ to finalize the creation of your table.
  7. Click ‘Save’ to return to your Project Dashboard and view your newly added ‘Table’ widget.