SRD Generator

A ‘System Requirements Document’ can be generated easily from an asset diagram.

Step 1: Within an ‘Asset Diagram’, click on the wrench at the top right. Then select ‘Generate SRD’.

Step 2: Input a name for the baseline of the document that will be generated. Then click ‘Generate Baseline’ to redirect to the SRD. ‘Generate Baseline’ will create a new SRD if none exist or it will baseline the current SRD and update it based on the current model

How the SRD Works

Entities with Lightning Bolts have notes that contain information on what should be inside the entity. Hover over the lightning bolt symbol to see the note. Anything with a note Icon has a self updating entity that will update to reflect the changes in the model with each run on the SRD generator.

Below is an outline of the entities and relationships generated by the SRD.