The top navigation bar, located at the top of Innoslate, is a constant fixture throughout the application. No matter where you navigate within Innoslate, the navigation bar will remain fixed at the top of your browser window. This bar is your primary means of navigating around Innoslate.

Items on the Left

  • MENU Drop-down

    The ‘MENU’ drop-down is the leftmost feature of the top navigation bar as shown below:

    This drop-down contains menu items with the links necessary to successfully navigate around Innoslate. The links under the drop-down are arranged into three sections: General, Tools, and Quick Links.

    Under the “General” section are navigational links to your project’s Dashboard, Database View, Diagrams View, Documents View, and Test Center.

    Under the “Tools” section are navigational links to tools within Innoslate: DoDAF Dashboard, Import Analyzer, Schema Editor, and Intelligence.

    Under the “Quick Links” section, the Documentation link opens Innoslate’s Help Center website (, the Webinars link opens Innoslate’s Help Center Webinars section (, the Pricing link opens’s Pricing page (, and the Contact Us link opens’s Contact Us page (

  • Pinned Buttons

    The next set of buttons to the immediate right of the ‘MENU’ drop-down are items which have been “pinned” to the top navigation bar. By default, four items are pinned to the bar: Dashboard, Database, Diagrams, and Documents. Simply click the button with the name of the view or tool to be automatically navigated to that destination. We recommend pinning the features of Innoslate you use most often for easy one-click access.

Items on the Right

  • Chat Sidebar Button

    Clicking the ‘Chat Sidebar’ button toggles the collaboration sidebar open and closed. You will find the collaboration sidebar fixed to the right of your browser window when it is open. The sidebar allows you to see which users are currently online collaborating on the same project, and gives you access to chat with those users in a group or point-to-point.

  • Share Button

    Clicking the ‘Share’ button opens the ‘Share Project’ dialog.

  • Switch Project Drop-down

    The ‘Switch Project’ drop-down contains links to switch Innoslate to any of your existing projects, as well as a “Create a New Project” link, which opens the ‘Create a New Project’ dialog box, and a “Manage Projects” link that directs you to the ‘Manage Projects’ page.

  • User Drop-down

    The ‘User’ drop-down is the right-most menu item of the top navigation bar. This drop-down is displayed as a green circle with your first initial. Clicking this drop-down allows you to access/update your Innoslate user account profile, change your password, or sign out of Innoslate.