Documents View

Within ‘Documents View,’ you will be able to create new documents, as well as manage any of your ‘Existing Documents’ for your selected project.

Navigating to Documents View

From your Project Dashboard, within any project, you can access ‘Documents View’ by clicking on the ‘Documents’ button in the top navigation bar.

A link to ‘Documents’ is also available in the ‘MENU’ drop-down on the top left of the navigation bar, under the ‘General’ heading.

Functions Available to Manage Your Documents

Function Description
Creating Documents Creating a document allows you to add a new document template to your selected project.
Deleting Documents Deleting a document permanently removes that document from your existing documents and deletes all associated data.
Filtering Documents Filtering documents allows you to show only your documents based on their filters/types, such as ‘All Documents,’ ‘Concept of Operations Documents Only,’ ‘Independent Verification & Validation Plan Documents Only,’ ‘Integrated Logistics Support Plan Documents Only,’ ‘Project Management Plan Documents Only,’ ‘Requirements Documents Only,’ ‘Standard Operating Procedure Documents Only,’ ‘Test Plan Documents Only.’
Renaming Documents Renaming a document allows you to change the name of an existing document so you can better distinguish it from your other documents.
Searching for Documents Using the ‘Find a Document’ feature within ‘Documents View’ allows you to search for an existing document by Name, Number or Description.
Sorting Documents Sorting your documents within ‘Documents View’ allows you to arrange your documents in order by ‘Modified’ date, ‘Name’ or ‘Number.’