Database View

‘Database View’ displays all of the existing entities which have been created in your project. Some features of this view include creating new entities, deleting entities, filtering entities by class or by label, and searching for entities.

Navigating to Database View

From your Project Dashboard, within any project, you can access ‘Database View’ by clicking on the ‘Database’ button in the top navigation bar.

A link to ‘Database’ is also available in the ‘MENU’ drop-down on the top left of the navigation bar, under the ‘General’ heading.

Functions Available to Manage Your Database

Function Description
Creating Entities In ‘Database View,’ you can create a new entity of any class in your project’s database.
Deleting Entities Deleting an entity permanently removes an existing entity from your project’s database.
Filtering Entities In ‘Database View,’ you can filter your entities by class or by label.
Searching for Entities Using the search field at the top of ‘Database View’ allows you to search for entities within your project’s database by name.