Database View Reports

Innoslate provides the ability to run reports in ‘Database View‘ via the ‘Reports’ feature.

You will find the ‘Reports’ button used to run reports at the top center of the toolbar in ‘Database View’, to the right of the ‘Search’ field.

List of Available Database View Reports

The table below outlines of all the report types supported by Innoslate.


Report Type Description
Basic Tabular Output A full output of the entities in the database to a .csv file.
Comment Report A table of the user comments from the selected entities to a .xlsx file.
Entity Definition Report An output of all attributes, labels, and relationships for the selected entities to an .xlsx file.
Entity Relationship Matrix A matrix of the selected entities’ relationship to other entities through a single relationship.
History Report An output of the history and changes of the selected entities to a .xlsx file.