In Innoslate, you can customize a ‘Risk Diagram’ by clicking the ‘Edit Risk Matrix’ button on the toolbar, then changing the dimensions of your diagram as needed.

Customize Matrix Dimensions

    1. This will change the dimensions of the matrix. Click the ‘Save’ button located on the toolbar to persist your changes to your project’s database.

Expand a single Risk block

  • A Single Risk block can be expanded by simply clicking on a ‘Risk’, block, then clicking the ‘Expand Block’ button.

Customize Risk Classifications

  • If you would like to define custom ‘Risk’ types, this can be done by clicking one of the ‘Risk’ type blocks, and editing it’s name in the sidebar to the left of the matrix.

Apply Custom Risk Colors

  • If you would like to apply custom ‘Risk’ colors, this can be done by clicking one of the ‘Risk’ blocks, and then clicking the ‘Change fill color’ button and selecting the color of choice. If you would like to reset the colors back to normal, you can do that by clicking on the ‘Reset color back to default’ button.

Apply Label Filtering

  • To filter ‘Risks’ via label, simply select which labels you would like to filter by.

Deselect Risks

  • To deselect an entity or a ‘Risk’ block, simply click on the ‘Deselect’ button.

Change Matrix Settings

  • To change the number of levels, click on the wrench button in the top-right corner of the page, then expand the level options, and click on the level of choice. To reset the diagram, click on the ‘Reset Diagram’ button.