Creating Projects

There are multiple ways to create a new project in Innoslate.

From the ‘Manage Projects‘ page, you can click the ‘+ New Project’ button, located under the ‘Manage Projects’ heading.

You can also find the ‘+ New Project’ button on your ‘Organization Dashboard,’ in the ‘Recent Projects’ panel.

Finally, you can also create a new project from anywhere in Innoslate by clicking the ‘Switch Projects’ button in the top right of your navigation bar, and selecting ‘Create a New Project.’

Creating a New Project

Once you have clicked to add a new project, the ‘Create a New Project’ dialog will appear to guide you through creating your project.

    1. First, you will enter your project Name and Description (optional).
    2. You will have the option to place your new project in an existing or new folder, by clicking the ‘Folder’ drop-down and selecting a folder name (or typing in a new name). If nothing is selected, your new project will go in to the ‘Default’ folder.
    3. Finally, click the ‘Create & Go’ button to create your new project and be directed to your ‘Project Dashboard.’