Baselining Requirements Documents

Baselining your Requirements Document creates a snapshot of your requirements document at the moment in time when the baseline is created. All document entities, their relationships and attributes will be captured.

Creating a New Document Baseline

  1. To create a new document baseline, open the requirements document you wish to baseline and click the ‘Baseline’ button.
  2. The ‘Create New Baseline’ panel will appear, where you may enter a name for the new baseline. Type in a ‘Baseline Name’ and click the ‘Create’ button.
  3. Once the new baseline has been created, the only visual cue will be a color change from yellow to blue of the baseline indicator (the left-most block of color on every row of your requirements document.

Reviewing an Existing Document Baseline

  1. To review an existing document baseline, within your requirements document, click on the ‘Switch To:’ drop-down menu, showing the name of the document artifact currently being displayed.
  2. This opens a drop-down menu, allowing the you to switch between the current and baselined versions of your project’s requirements document. Select a version to view.*Note: All statement and requirement entities, their relationships and attributes, will be displayed as if you have reverted back to a previous version of the requirements document that you selected. All baselines are displayed as read-only. To go back to editing your document, switch back to your current working copy using the same drop-down ‘Switch To:’ menu.