Analyzing Requirements for Quality

The key to quickly identifying potential problems with your requirements in Innoslate is the automatic “Quality Check” feature built into ‘Documents View.’ The “Quality Check” feature runs several automatic checks run against each of your requirements. A “Quality Score” is then determined accordingly and suggestions are provided on how to improve each requirement.

By default in ‘Documents View,’ there is a “Quality Score” column shown. Requirements which have not been scored yet will show a “Quality Score” of 0 percent. After running a “Quality Check,” this column displays the resultant percentage 0 through 100 depending on the number of quality indicator attributes determined to be true by the automatic checks.

Built-In Quality Indicator Attributes

Innoslate provides the following quality indicator attributes built into the database schema of the Requirement class:

Attribute Description Automated?
Clear Explicit and not confusing to readers. Yes
Complete Expresses a whole, single idea, and not portions of one or many. Yes
Consistent Does not conflict with other requirements. Yes
Correct Describes the user’s intent and legally possible. No
Design Does not impose a specific solution (“what” not “how”). Yes
Feasible Implementable with existing or projected technology and within cost and schedule. No
Traceable Uniquely identifiable and able to be tracked to predecessor and successor lifecycle entities. Yes
Verifiable Proves within realistic cost and schedule that the architecture meets the requirement. Yes

* Note: Only six of the eight attributes can be checked automatically (Clear, Complete, Consistent, Design, Traceable, Verifiable), for a maximum automatic score of 75 percent.

Automatically Analyze All Document Entities

To run a “Quality Check” against all the entities in your document:

  1. Within your Requirements Document in ‘Documents View,’ ensure you are not currently editing a row, and click on the ‘Quality Check’ button.

    * Note: Depending on the size of the document, the “Quality Check” function may take a few seconds to run.

  2. You will briefly see a spinner indicating the “Quality Check” function is currently running.
  3. When the “Quality Check” function is completed, the “Quality Score” for each of the Requirement entities displayed in ‘Documents View’ will now be updated. After running the automatic “Quality Check,” a progress bar will be displayed indicating a percentage 0 through 100 (with a maximum achievable score of 75 percent at this stage).

    You also have the ability to manually review the remaining two quality attributes (Correct, Feasible), to be able to attain a “Quality Score” up to 100 percent, indicating a requirement of the highest quality.


* Note: Only document entities of the schema-based class Requirement are evaulated by the “Quality Check” function.