Innoslate is the model-based systems engineering solution of the future.

Innoslate Plans

Available on the cloud or on your private server (Enterprise)

Develop smarter systems with a full lifecycle systems engineering solution on our secure cloud.

All in one seamless solution

Platform independent

No installation required

Available in Named and Floating

Collaborate with your whole team on your own server.

LDAP and DoD CAC authentication

Scalability up to 10 million entities

Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

Available in Named and Floating

Also Available

Innoslate for Academics

Innoslate is offered free for academic use in classroom or for research purposes.
See how you can use Innoslate Academic.

What is the Innoslate Difference?

Innoslate vs. Other MBSE Software Solutions

Other MBSE Solutions

Requirements Management - with hierarchical relationships, quality checker, rich text formatting, full reports, baselining, and more



Modern web browser, with an intuitive graphical user interface



Documents Management - import your own documents and manage new ones with complete traceability through the lifecycle



Modeling - SysML, LML, DoDAF, and more with complete coverage of cost, schedule, performance, and risk


Other solutions have extremely limited modeling capabilities and do not cost, schedule, performance, and risk.

Discrete-Event Simulator with 3D model representation, cost, schedule, performance, allocation, and export capabilities with Microsoft Project


No, the models are not executable.

Monte Carlo Simulator with full reports on the variance of asset utilization, resources, cost, and time. Also, export capabilities with Microsoft Project.


Most other solutions only have time and do not account for asset utilization, resources or cost.

DoDAF Models and Views – a dedicated view that simplifies developing DoDAF models through automatic labeling and easy creation of new models


A few solutions only offer plugins for DoDAF.

Database Management with bulk editing, advanced query search, rollup, labels, customized reports, and more.



Test Management with full reports, status updates, results, and more.


A few solutions only offer plugins for any testing features.

Real-Time Collaboration - Workflow, Chat, Project Share, Notifications, and Comments


Other MBSE solutions have extremely limited collaboration features and are meant as stand-alone solutions.

Cross-Project Collaboration



Java SDK



Rest API



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On-Site and Online Training Courses

Learn about Innoslate and Systems Engineering Training Courses taught by experts in the field.


How do I get started with Innoslate for the first time?

Sign up for Innoslate Cloud at innoslate.com/signup to get started for free. You’ll be given a personalized walkthrough of Innoslate’s features. To purchase Innoslate, contact sales@innoslate.com or call 571.485.7800.

What options are available for U.S. Government customers?

Innoslate Enterprise is available on unclassified (U/FOUO) and classified (SECRET) level networks through the NSERC. Innoslate can also be installed on your network or Amazon AWS GovCloud.

What are the minimum system requirements to run Innoslate Cloud?

Innoslate runs on any device (Mac, PC, iPad, Android) in any modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+) with no installation required.

What are the minimum system requirements to run Innoslate Enterprise?

-Windows 7/8/10/Server 2008/Server 2012
-Dual Core Processor
-10GB Free Hard Drive Space, a Solid State Drive is recommended (500MB is required for Innoslate Server Files)
-A Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher database. SQL Server, H2, and PostGRES is supported for single computer installations

How do I backup my Innoslate database offline?

Innoslate projects can be easily exported to your local machine via XML, INNO (zips), and CSV file formats. Innoslate also includes branch and copy functionality for online backups.

How fast is the Innoslate support response time?

Typical response times via email are within 3 hours of receipt. For an immediate response, call us. Call support at 571.485.7800 or email us support@innoslate.com.

How can I be sure that all my information is secure?

At SPEC Innovations security is a top priority for us. Innoslate was designed with strict security requirements from the beginning to ensure that your organization’s data is secure.

Have more questions? Call us at 571.485.7800 or email us at sales@innoslate.com.

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