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Communicate precisely & effectively
with full DoDAF 2.02 conformance

The DoD CIO expects DoD Components to conform to DoDAF to the maximum extent possible in development of architectures within the Department. Conformance is achieved when data is described in the DoDAF Meta Model (DM2) and capable of Physical Exchange Specification (PES) transfer. Innoslate allows you to easily describe your architecture according to the DM2 concepts, associations, and attributes. With one-click, your Innoslate project is capable of export in accordance with the PES.

Efficiently manage all
of your DoDAF 2.02 products

Unlike other tools, Innoslate includes the unique ability to edit all 50 of the DoDAF products directly within the tool. Edit your AV-1 in our AV-1 documents view. Drag/drop your OV-5b in our IDEF0 diagram, build your SvcV-3b in our integrated matrices, and finally export your AV-2 to PES with one click.

Ensure project success with integrated
collaboration across the full lifecycle

There are often many teams involved on a project: ensure overall success with the ability to collaborate with those teams in the same tool. Innoslate includes cutting edge system modeling technology in standard LML/SysML/IDEF0 languages, straightforward requirements management views, and templates (i.e. CONOPs, Test Plans) for documents across the lifecycle.

DoD Architecture Framework
(DoDAF 2.0) Book

DoDAF 2.0: A Guide to Applying Systems Engineering to Integrated Executable Architectures is designed to establish a clear understanding of the DoDAF and its purpose, and advance the readers' skills in applying systems engineering to the DoDAF. Steven H. Dam, Ph.D, ESEP is the founder of SPEC Innovations and author of this book. The book is divided into two sections to give particular attention to both Theory and Practical Application. Purchase at Amazon

Learn from the experts
with our DoDAF Training

SPEC Innovations has conducted DoDAF training since 1998, through all the evolutions from the C4ISR Architecture Framework 2.0 to the current DODAF 2.02. Our ½ day (executive level) to 2-Day (Executable Architectures) to 5-day (tailored workshop providing a kick start to your project) training courses provide the best way for your team to learn DoDAF, quickly and efficiently. Discover how to develop DoDAF views in record time by experts who have worked on most of the major DoD Architectures. DoDAF Training Courses

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