Develop your architecture in our Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Dashboard

The Innoslate Solution

Innoslate provides a unique solution to DoDAF by using the latest technology and a modern web browser interface. You don’t have to use an expensive plug-in. DoDAF is a part of Innoslate’s full lifecycle solution.

Integrated Collaboration Across the Full Lifecycle

Ensure overall success with the ability to collaborate with your teams in the same tool. Innoslate includes cutting-edge system modeling technology in standard LML/SysML/IDEF languages, straightforward requirements management views, and templates (i.e. CONOPs, Test Plans) for documents across the lifecycle.

Verify Your DoDAF Solution

Use our advanced artificial intelligence (NLP/ML) checkers to ensure that your model meets the best practices for requirements and modeling. Simulate the entire physical and functional model using our integrated discrete-event and Monte Carlo simulators. Make sure your DoDAF products work.

Efficiently Manage All of Your DoDAF 2.02 Products

Unlike other tools, Innoslate includes the unique ability to edit all 52 of the DoDAF products directly within the tool. Export all DoDAF products with one click. Develop your single source of truth to meet all the JCIDS requirements in one tool.

Conduct Model-Based Reviews (MBR)

One of the goals of the DoD’s Digital Engineering Strategy is to never “go to paper.” The single source of truth is digital, so we need a way to conduct reviews within the digital environment. Innoslate piloted model-based reviews in 2014 and has been using them on large and small programs throughout the DoD, NASA, and other US Government organizations. Read our guide to MBRs.

Learn DoDAF from the Experts

Read the DoDAF 2.0 Book

DoDAF 2.0: A Guide to Applying Systems Engineering to Integrated Executable Architectures is designed to establish a clear understanding of the DoDAF and its purpose, and advance the readers’ skills in applying systems engineering to the DoDAF. Steven H. Dam,
Ph.D., ESEP is the founder of SPEC Innovations and author of this book.

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Expert DoDAF Training

SPEC Innovations has conducted DoDAF training since 1998, through all the evolutions from the C4ISR Architecture Framework 2.0 to the current DODAF 2.02. Discover how to develop DoDAF views in record time by experts who have worked on many of the major DoD Architectures.

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