CM Tools

Compose documents across the lifecycle
with our integrated document templates

Innoslate provides a familiar word processing style interface with integrated document templates throughout the full system development life cycle. Easily create, edit, auto number, baseline, and trace to model-based document artifacts such as Concept of Operations documents, Independent Verification and Validation Plans, Integrated Logistics Support Plans, Project Management Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, and Test Plans right in your browser.

Manage project changes with
our advanced version control system

Changes to your project are recorded in our version control system. These changes to project entities can easily be reverted back to any point in time. Lifecycle documents and requirements documents can be baselined to view the entire document history.

Extend Innoslate's database Schema
with our powerful Schema Editor

Innoslate implements the Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML). In addition, we have included the capability to extend the current schema. You can create classes (or subclasses), additional attributes (properties) on existing classes or add relationships.

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