Collaboration Tools

Keep track of project activity
and status with the project dashboard

Keep team members up-to-date on project status, project comments, database changes, and database statistics with one easy-to-understand dashboard. The project dashboard can be customized to display information most relevant to you. Assess your project's quality and discover potential gaps with the dashboard's model maturity checker.

Collaborate with your team
simultaneously across the lifecycle

Collaborate with your team across multiple views simultaneously (cross view collaboration) showing real-time user status, group chat, and project notifications. For instance, see a colleague editing a requirement in requirements view while you work within a spider diagram. Alleviate overwriting information and the annoyance of database locks with Innoslate's safe edit feature.

Communicate with your
colleagues in real-time

Remove communication barriers and chat with your whole team at the same time directly within your Innoslate project. Send point-to-point chats to individual members of your team to make a conversation private. Control access to your projects by granting permissions to other users to work in your projects.

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