Innoslate Academic Competition

SPEC Innovations is holding a competition for students to develop their own systems engineering project in Innoslate. Winner will receive $1,500 cash prize.

About the Competition

SPEC Innovations is holding its first Innoslate Academic Competition (IAC) and we welcome all students, undergraduate to graduate, to participate. Participants will submit their solution to a systems engineering problem using Innoslate Academic, and the winner will receive a cash prize. Please see below for more information about the winning prizes, the rubric, and requirements.

Competition Winning Prizes

  • Cash prize of $1,500
  • Featured on Innoslate website and social media
  • IAC winner t-shirt
  • Framed certificate
  • Experience for resume

Deadline to submit: March 1st, 2022

Winner Announced: March 30th, 2022

How to Participate

The goal is to create a solution to a systems engineering problem in Innoslate. The winning solution will be determined using the rubric below.

Here’s how to sign up for IAC:

1. Sign up for Innoslate Academic with your .edu email address at It’s free to students and provides you with up to 2000 entities.

2. Develop the solution to your systems engineering problem using Innoslate. See the rubric and requirements below.

3. Submit your completed Innoslate project by sharing access to

Make sure to submit your project by March 1st.

If you have any questions, reach out to

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Resources for Using Innoslate

Rubric for IAC

Systems Engineering (SE) Principles & Elements Scoring System (e.g. 1-5 Likert Scale – “How well was this performed?”)
Systems Engineering Lifecycle Model Defined
Context Analysis/Literature Review Done
Stakeholder Analysis Defined
Problem/Need Statement Defined
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Defined
Project Cost, Schedule & Risk Defined
Mission/Functional Requirements Defined
Verification & Validation Plan Defined
Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Defined
Design Alternatives Considered
Final Report/Executive Summary Completed
Innoslate Features/Efficiency Must include 3 or more of the features
Analyzed Requirements Document (passed by quality checker)
Action Diagram Models
Simulation Results (executables w/ tangible results)
Physical Models (Asset Diagrams/Physical I/O Diagram)
Test Center
Traceability (Traceability Matrix)
Quality Check w/ Intelligence View

Requirements for IAC

  • Submissions must use Innoslate Academic
  • Name Your Project in the following format: (First Name, Last Name, IAC Submission, Project Name i.e. “self-driving car”)
  • Use your .edu email addresses for your Innoslate project and for the below submission form
  • Teams can be no larger than 4 participants
  • Deadline to submit: March 1st, 2022

IAC Submission Form